Let’s Talk Pidgin!

Pidgin is a unique language spoken by Hawaii locals.  It evolved from  Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Filipino as well as Hawaiian and American influence. You don’t have to spend much time in Hawaii before you hear some Pidgin in daily conversation.

Here are the top 25 most common Pidgin Phrases…

  1. No need yet bumbai (I’m ok, maybe later)
  2. All bussup (Severely damaged, drunk, ruined)
  3. Pound da inu like wan watta hose (I drank it really fast)
  4. You gettum ha you (Your awesome, doing good, you have a grasp of what you’re doing)
  5. No make lai dat ( don’t cause trouble)
  6.  If you no like den no need ( if you’re not interested no is ok)
  7. I neva know dat ( I had no idea)
  8. Y butta you ( Does it concern you?)
  9. Da bugga iz mean ( Its delicious, he’s a good player, champion)
  10. Whoa cuz das how ( That’s how you do it)
  11. Dat one ova dea (product, item, food, him/her,)
  12. Broke da mout (Very delicious)
  13. How come lai dat (Why)
  14. Shootz den (See you later)
  15. Wen pake dis iz da way (When you’re on a budget this is the way)
  16. Come we go (Let’s go)
  17. Howzit cuz (Hello)
  18. I no pau work (still working)
  19. My mada guys stay home (My family are home)
  20. Wen notice da email missing (Cannot find your email)
  21. Da leak slowing down (small leakage)
  22. Neva no you (I don’t know who you are)
  23. Hook us up spock u lataz ( get us in and see you later)
  24. He knew da guyz oh wat ( Did he know them?)
  25. I get choke ( I have a lot)